To install and configure the HortiMaX-Go!, complete the following steps:

  1. Preparations In the Preparations section, you will find: the installation requirements, a description of the HortiMaX-Go! components and the schematic representation of the system. Go to: Preparations.
  2. Step-by-step instructions This section lists the steps that you need to complete in order to install and configure the HortiMaX-Go!. Go to: Step-by-step installation and configuration instructions.
  3. Control cabinet The HortiMaX-Go! control cabinet houses a panel PC (controller), a Smart Switch with an alarm output and a weather station connection. This section also contains information about the location and connection requirements, as well as how the connect the supply voltage and the fieldbus. Go to: HortiMaX-Go! control cabinet.
  4. Hardware This section contains information about the hardware that needs to be installed: Smart Switches, Meteo-Go! and MTV-Go!. Go to: Hardware.
  5. Configuration To configure the HortiMaX-Go!, complete the steps listed the following sections: system settings, configuration settings, climate settings and irrigation settings. Go to: Configuration.
  6. Update This shows information about updating the controller. Go to: Update.
  7. Overview of settings This shows an overview of all the settings. Go to: Settings overview.