Here you can find a series of videos that will tell you more about how to use the HortiMaX-Go!.

  1. Quick Start Movie
  2. Climate Manual Control
  3. Climate Fixed Stage Control
  4. Climate Automatic Stage Control
  5. Climate Period control
  6. Climate Ventilation Safety Settings
  7. Climate Heating Safety Settings
  8. Climate Greenhouse Safety Settings
  9. Climate Screen Settings
  10. Irrigation Quick Start Movie
  11. Irrigation Control
  12. Irrigation Start Conditions
  13. Irrigation Linking Valves
  14. Irrigation EC and pH Safety Settings
  15. Irrigation Period Control
  16. Climate Fogging Settings
  17. Climate Inflator Settings
  18. Climate Pad-and-Fan Settings
  19. Climate Humidity Settings
  20. Webinar
  21. How to configure a new CloudBoX
  22. How to migrate an existing CloudBoX